Some people only dream of Angels.... We hold one in our hearts

Jesus said, "Let the little children
come to me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
(Matthew 19:14)

When a parent dies you lose your past
When a spouse dies you lose your present
When a child dies you lose your future

Special Angel
Author unknown
There is a special Angel in Heaven
That is a part of me
It is not where I wanted her
But where God wanted her to be
She was here just a moment
Like a night time shooting star
And though she is in Heaven
She isn't very far
She touched the hearts of many
Like only an Angel can do
I would have held her every moment
If the end I only knew
So I send this special message
To heaven up above
Please God take care of my Angel
and send her all my love

Now you lay me down to sleep
on my back for safest keep.
It's tummy time when I'm awake,
but back is best for sleeping breaks.
Keep quilts, toys, & pillows out of my bed.
Never put covers over or beneath my head.
Cigarettes are bad for me,
please keep my environment smoke-free.
These may be many rules to know,
but minding them will help we grow!
Remember this rhyme when caring for kids
and help reduce the risk of SIDS

Don't tell me that you understand,
Don't tell me that you know...
Don't tell me that I will surely survive,
How I will surely grow...
Don't tell me this is just a test,
That I am truly blessed...
That I am chosen for the task,
Apart from all the rest...
Don't come at me with answers,
That can only come from me...
Don't tell me how my grief will pass,
That I will soon be free...
Don't stand in pious judgment,
Of the bonds that I must untie..
Don't tell me how to suffer,
And don't tell me how to cry...
My life is filled with selfishness,
My pain is all I see...
But I need you, I need your love,
Accept me in my up's and down's,
I need someone to share...
Just hold my hand and let me cry,
And say, My Friend, I care...
~Author Unknown~

When God sends forth a little soul
To learn the ways of earth
A mothers love is waiting there
We call this miracle birth
When God call back a tiny soul
And stills a fleeting breath
A fathers love is waiting there
This too is birth, not death

Written by Eileen Knight Hagemeister
to her son-in-law after his baby girl was born still
It must be very difficult
To be a man in grief,
Since "men don't cry" and "men are strong"
No tears can bring relief.
It must be very difficult
To stand up to the test
And field calls and visitors
So she can get some rest.
They always ask if she's all right
And what she's going through
But seldom take his hand and ask,
"My friend, but how are you?"
He hears her crying in the night
And thinks his heart will break
And dries her tears and comforts her
But "stays strong" for her sake.

Do You Believe in Angels?
by: Deborah Nikkhah

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as I have seen
One who holds my heart
Beautiful Kathleen Jean

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as true as the sun
She came into my life
September 20, 2001

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as I want to share
This special angel
Had baby brown fine hair

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as I have seen one smile
She brightened a gray world
Forever and a mile

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as I have looked into her eyes
An innocent soul within
Deep brown and wide

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, with this I struggle
Sharing her warmth
By my side she did snuggle

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as I have breathed in time
Her heart beating with me
Perfectly matched with mine

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as I know believers are few
Angel baby left me behind
January 24, 2002

Do you believe in Angels?
I do, as I give you a hug
Hoping you believe now
With eternal love from Katee Bug.